Agree with Bob. If you do use Slick 50 One, expect to re-zero

May 18 2017 at 12:43 PM
JD  (Login JamesDingle777)

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and an increase in speed if read over Chronograph. There is NO way a Crosman can hurt your barrel as long as they are clean and have no metal filings on them or something.
I have a mediocre assortment of pellets and can definitely tell which are hard to seat in a spring gun. Seating them with a bolt/probe you can learn to tell also.
I've seen some things you wouldn't expect. Tighter pellets hitting higher than looser ones. Too much friction from being too tight. Too loose and you may have blow by and loss of power.
I've read where most everyone says JSB's shoot best. In most all of my rifles, Crosmans did excellent to 50 yards. Then JSB's did better at longer distances. I did own an AZ .22 Rapid that shot nothing as well as Crosman Hollow Points. This defies most logic as a round Diabolo head pellet would logically be more accurate. All I know is I could count on that rifle & barrel combo to put CPHP's in Dime sized groups at 100 yards when there was NO wind. None of the JSB's could do as well. I'd get Nickel & Quarter sized groups at 100 yards with them.
Now, past 100 yards, The JSB's may have done better but I wasn't even attempting those long serious shots on paper at that time that I remember.
So basically, no worries. Some barrels and pellets prefer to be lubed and S50One seems to be one of the best. I'd try just maybe 20 at first. Don't lube your entire tin. It does not take much at all. That stuff spreads and goes a long way. If you see mist coming out of your barrel, you've used WAY too much. Like 2 drops for 20 pellets is where'd I'd start.
You'll have to shoot at least 10 lubed pellets, re-zero scope, settle into a bench rest or bagged, Bi-pod, etc. shooting position and then test accuracy. If you go back to un lubed pellets to compare. You will definitely have to clean your barrel thoroughly and run patches through until clean and completely dry. Then you'll have to re season your barrel with at least 10 shots of the new pellet to be tested. Then settle in and get serious about it.
You will have to shoot at least 10 of the new pellets before serious testing due to this process
Everything adds up to what's known as tolerance stacking and if you're chasing true accuracy, it can be hard to narrow down the main causes of the lack of. Good luck!

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