i added a FAS 6004 to the collection of SSP pistol today

May 18 2017 at 7:14 PM
michael wolfram  (Login marflow)

and after I got the 450 or so r-10 pellets that were sent with the pistol back in the tin I put an inch of foam in the case and fixed that first
of course this was a used gun but in like new condition
I did find the rear sight front pin out of location being completely out of the rights side of the sight and was a easy fix but why I'm not sure
and something I will fix by coating the pin with something
the sight had some paint on them and that came off with some alcohol and a toothbrush

now the interesting part of the gun was, I would have sold it also, the trigger was so out of adjustment

so with a 1.5mm ball end allen wrench and a little twisting the trigger is excellent now

the ambidextrous grips are nice in the hand but I'm going to look into a pair of large right hand match grips, for no other reason then why not

BME makes a very nice scope mount for a 604 so that would work but I'm on the fence about spending 83.00 + shipping

so the bottom line at this point, if you like shooting nice low powered target pistols and you can find a FAS 6004 at a good off retail price this would be a fine pistol to own

another thing would be that a young boy and or girl would love the pistol
light, easy to cock and it does have great sights

so I have HW-IZH-Gamo-FAS SSP pistols and all have a place in a pistol shooters collection

take care all

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