now i have to grab all the other SSP pistols that are the

May 18 2017 at 11:48 PM
michael wolfram  (Login marflow)

Response to thanks for posting this, Mike...

same in, say looks
first off the IZH 46m has a trigger that is scary light and it is going to beat the FAS
so you could use a HW 40 as a comparison but again at this point the FAS trigger is better
I have a HW 75 and the older Beeman P-2 with full grips so I can put a pair of Herrett's National grips on it, to improve the feel
but to tell you the truth I have never wrung out the trigger in either of the HW 75's so that's what I need to do

I'm sure that the trigger in the FAS is a little better then the Gamo Compact I have, and that being after I put a block in the trigger area to take up the trigger slack

the Alecto is right in the ball park also

the funny thing about triggers is you never know where your going to find a great one

there is no adjustment in the trigger, a very simple gun but the trigger is unreal and it's the Lovena Lov 21
if they were still being sold in the states, I think everyone would want one

so I have some more work on the trigger and that is always fun

take care

Gary just one note the Fas could be hard to rebarrel like you do and the reason is the breech seal is in the face of the barrel and not the valve face
cutting that o-ring groove could be hard on such a small diameter barrel

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