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May 19 2017 at 12:18 AM
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Response to Barrel cap removal

Making a spanner from an old fork with some pliers.

Not pretty, but it works.

The bolt and a jam nut works much better.

The SLRS, had to meet several criteria.

Had to be centered, had to be secure as well as keep the barrel centered inside the barrel jacket.

To be on the safe side, really needed to be unable to fit any other similar "items" too, so we all get to keep having items like these on our airguns without restrictions.

These altered to fit the AirMax MK II here at the shop, just for Mrodair customers.

Hoping to have more time to make more add ons and tuning accessories soon and keep them simple and effective.

Another tip, the front sight, besides being painted a loud color like orange, I've sanded one of the SLRS mounting pads to be silver, just where the chamfer is on the back side to highlight the outline of the front site blade better in low light conditions.

Can't wait to show you guys the next pistols (yes there is more) and hope they get them produced soon.

The next pistol, is not like the precision, but is pretty sweet and I'm waiting on the prototypes with ALOT of anticipation.

As soon as we get these in, I'll post pics and more info.

SPA is really putting the coals to product development this year and so far, they haven't disappointed for the money.

Really looking for as much input from you guys about the new MK II, so we can keep improving the product line.

Thanks to those who have put in the time to give their opinion, it helps out alot.

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