Am I really anal or just a serious springer man?

May 26 2017 at 6:40 PM
josh3rd  (Login josh3rd)

First, thanks to all who have answered all of my questions about my RWS 54. FYI, she is off to John in PA. More on that later.

For now, I have been alone w/my Prosport .177cal and boy I'll tell you...FREAKING AMAZING!!! But I am really leaning to the adjective "anal". Seriously. This is what I do and always have done from cheap Crosman Springers to my Prosport, my RX2 and my 54.

Ok, let me start with what I do when I try to find the magic hold. I begin by putting white surgical tape from the trigger guard all the way to the forend of the stock. Then I mark it in 1" intervals then lets say I have 3-5 different types of pellets to try to find the "magic pellet". Well after loading lets say jsb 8.4gr, I begin with a open but tight/stiff palm "artillery hold" at the trigger guard and shoot 5 or 10rds and see how they place. Then I try a relaxed palm "artillery hold", shoot 5-10rds and note how they place. I will do that all the way through those 1" intervals no matter how many they are. I do take my time, sometimes it seems forever but I "feel" that I have to do so. And as all fans/shooters of springer know, consistency and the ability to repeat the exactness of hold, trigger squeeze and follow through are keys to springer accuracy. Now mind you, I do this to and for every type of pellet that I want to try for.

Ok, so lets say that jsb's showed the tightest groupings of all the pellets. And lets also say that the 2" mark and the 4" mark on the tape showed where the rifle liked to be held with said pellet. Instead of leaving well enough alone, I decide to try different hold styles. Remember the relaxed and the stiff palm? Well I do them still but now I'll, lets say, have my thumb touch the stock w/a stiff palm then a relaxed palm. Or I will center the stock on my stiff palm without my thumb touching (my left hand is my support hand since i'm a right handed shooter), then I will turn my hand towards my right until my thumb touches. Believe it or not, to me, it does change the POI. Sometimes a major change, other times, not so much. All depending on pellet choice and stiff/relaxed palm. I have even tried resting the stock on a closed fist. I tried just my index and thumb. Sometimes I tried my index, thumb and middle finger and go through the 1" intervals again.

Yes to some, that may seem like a lot. But when I can and have produced groups that are close to, that are the same and at times that are even better than what some people achieve from shooting from the bench (I shoot of a 10"-12" bucket, support hand's elbow on my knee) then its well worth it.

So tell me, am I really anal or a serious/dedicated airgunner?

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