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May 27 2017 at 9:25 PM
Alex in Upstate NY  (Login awilde)

Response to More Airmax MK2 tinkering

I started looking at the shroud a bit more and it seemed like there were some features lacking which others have posted some similar machinations towards when using with the SLRS. I don't have one and probably wont need one, however I did think that the shroud needed some improvement so that it served a bit more purpose than just looking pretty and providing a little further rail mounting.

One of the main things I noticed was the little acetal/delrin split ring bushing at the rear of the shroud. I can only make an assumption that it was supposed to compression point between the receiver and the rear shroud socket however it was about 1/4" deep and the bushing was only 5.5mm in length (0.2165") so there really wasn't any contact made there and was kind of free to move about in that gap. I was able to just slip an R05 oring over the barrel after the bushing and it provides a nice compressing seal.

[linked image] [linked image]

After that I noticed that many of the various barrel shrouds on other airguns generally had air venting holes towards the rear of the shroud so that the air had an escape path while being forced back through the air space. By default this seemed to be sorely lacking as the only viable means I saw were through the tiny gap at the edge where the shroud meets the receiver (could sometimes see a tiny bit of oil off shot pellets making its way there along the edges). So to remedy that I added in a simple cross sectional set of holes 1/16" in diameter just forward from the socket where the acetal split ring bushing sits. Didn't really change anything sound wise with the pistol firing but did seem to have a fairly noticeable impact on how much recoil/impact each shot had. Before there was always a fairly noticeable jerk when the gun fired unless I held with a fairly strong (almost death) grip, with the ventilation holes it was taking a much less aggressive hold to keep the gun steady during shots (still firm, but not nearly as bad).

[linked image]

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