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May 30 2017 at 10:32 PM
Tom Holland   (Login xbowsniper)

Response to Side Wheel Marking


First of all, Falls Township is an excellent example of one of the better FT courses in the Northeast.....its probably my favorite.
I don't shoot Hunter class, WFTF PCP only. I did, however, use holdover rather than clicking, as I do now.
When I set up a scope, (I do have some 3-12 power scopes on a couple of older rigs), I usually do 1 yard increments from 10 - 20 yards, then, every 2 1/2 yards after that. I zero at 30 yards, but that is with a gun that is 12 ft. lbs. In Hunter class, you want to be pushing 17+, to stay competitive.
I've been considering going back to using holdover in WFTF, this year, Brian Van Liew used holdover in Open class at the Nationals to take 2nd.
Set the scope up with the method you are most comfortable with, the above suggestions are excellent as well.

Tom Holland
Assistant Match Director
Eastern Suffolk Competitve Airgunners Association
Long Island NY

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