If anyone can get me Dan Brown and Chip Smith's contact info, or relay mine

May 31 2017 at 8:13 AM
JD  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to Funny you ask. Please, post info here also. I was just saying

I'd greatly appreciate it. Like I said, House is selling in 1-2 years and these guys maybe very busy. I WANT a FX Crown no matter what but will have to wait until a used one comes up. I can NOT go against what our Forum stands for. Anyway, my email is jamesdingle18@yahoo.com and # in NEPA is 1-570-977-1149 please relay as I'm ready to drop some serious coin into these guys pockets. They are worth it.
I also kind of lied. I'm actually putting 15K aside. I need a lifetime of lead, a custom .257 mold or 2, a lifetime of Diabolo pellets in everything from .177, .22, .25 (I am getting another Rainstorm II in .25) and whatever big bore projectiles the used Crown will fire.
It'd be nice if The Crown would come in .257 but I highly doubt the valve will be able to push an 86 grain .257 to what I want. Adjustability from 800-1000fps. Too bad FX doesn't take custom orders.
If RAW calls me, I will go over what I want with Martin or David. Whose accent is less strong? I have a hard time understanding folks South of The Carolinas and even West Virginia.
I KNOW an Air Force can do what I want, it's made in USA, works somewhat on my idea of my dream big bore. Too bad I don't have CAD, machinery, and money for a patent. I'd get away cheap if I went with an Air Force build but it would HAVE to be done very well. Cedric's build quality or even more extensive. The entire frame flexing thing bothers me.
This leaves this fact. You get what you pay for. I wrote Cedric I want the equivalent of the 6.5 Creedmore of Air Guns. They built 20 of those 6K rifles that are Beaumonts competition. Maybe one of those or a Beaumont could do it. I'm willing to go ALL out. I know a reg from Dan for a Sumo will be at least $600.00 alone. I figure a Sumo receiver is $1500-$1800, maybe more if built to my specs for a 4500psi 500cc regulated bottle in front and a special large 4500psi tank in the buttstock (not unlike an Air Force) with no regulator. Just direct pure straight on power to push 86-88 grain .257's to 1000+fps. So looking at $600-$1000 for specialty tanks, fittings, valves, at least. Then the trigger pack. I don't need ceramic ball bearings so probably a basic Timney pack. The HEART or should I say THROAT will be a fully custom 28" or longer hand lapped air gauged Hart barrel built for whatever mold I buy. I'll have to talk with Cedric and the other experts first before paying Hart barrels in NY. State to start on this beast. Someone gave me an ide and said go with a 6.5 120 grain A-Max with a BC of 0.585. If these guys are willing to build it, I'll fund it (.257 for sure, 6.5 just an experimental idea) as it's going to be my last Air Gun other than maybe a springer or two. I will spend whatever it takes but when it's done I want it to be able to whack Coyotes from anywhere out to 300 yards. If Tof's and Charlie's Air Force conversions can can hit soda cans at 500-600 yards with a .257, I see NO reason I can't get what I want built once we sell and downsize.

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