Now add 30% and imagine that. I have 50lbs I'm saving for

June 2 2017 at 9:54 AM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to You know you shoot too much when...

when I get a .257 and a mold or two. I won't be shooting that for anything except long range varmints or occasional targets. The .22 & .25 can do very well out to 150yrds so no need to waste lead. I appreciate you saving it all and recycling. If everyone were as considerate What a Wonderful World This Could Be!

Thanks for recycling and a small tribute to arguably one of the best voices ever to grace any lucky enough to have heard him. I don't love you; but by Darn it I RESPECT you for recycling. I admit, I capture and melt much down. I also send a lot flying never to be recovered. I recently took a 55 gallon drum lid and buried it 1/4 deep and supported by rocks behind it. The pellets doing as much as 30FTLBS right now hit it, dent it, flatten out perfectly where they are picked right up, washed and saved.
I also have a piece of heavy I beam (makeshift Anvil, ones curved and ones flat) I cut and at 35 yards, with a sheet of paper held on by magnets to either the 55 gallon drum lid or the I beam, I can see perfectly where they are landing. The backside of the paper shows just how explosive these pellets are even at 35 yards w/ only 30FTLBS @ muzzle. The drum lid works better for collection as they flatten and stay in one piece. The anvil? They hit that and they explode into dust or particles too fine to find.

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