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June 14 2017 at 11:35 AM
Don  (Login Nvreloader)

Well guys,

The new Qb-79 22 cal, arrived around 3:30 pm, my time, read the manuals etc, cleaned the bbl,
screwed the 88/90 grm adapter into the drop down block, after lubing the "O" rings etc, on both pcs.

Screwed in a 88 grm cylinder, loaded and fired 1st shot, nothing but a mouse fart puff??
reloaded again and the sound level was a little louder, but NOT by much,
reloaded again and the sound level came up by 3-4 times, which sounded uniform for the next 5 shots.

Pulled out the Magnetic V-3 chrono set the spacing spec's,
and fired a 5 shot strings, using 14.3 gr pellets, average fps was 425-450 fps, temp was 65*.

Sounded kinda weak to me.
Will shoot some more tomorrow, I feel that some mods are in the cards.

Also arrived with this AR package deal, I have a Valken brand name Co2, 9 oz bottle that states,
CO2 ONLY, NO HPA on it's label?? 2-1/16" dia by 10" long, and has a 3K burst disc installed.

Here is the web site for this bottle, ... -stamp-9oz

It appears that I can NOT use HPA in this tank??

I wanted to get a Ninja sp regulator for HPA with this tank, for the winter months use etc,
Now I am confused about this tank and it's use etc.

Can this tank be used for HPA, if the psi is kept below 2000 psi,
and with a Ninja SP reg, when I hand pump to fill it ??

I will provide more info tomorrow after I run some more shots thru it,
using the 88 grm cylinder etc.

And another Amazon package of pellets arrived a couple of hours ago,
there was lots of rattling going on inside this package, don't sound good,
open it up and found that 600+ pellets loose inside, all 3 cans had opened up during shipping,
and mixed together, WTH......

I sent an email and awaiting their reply.

More later,


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