Self powered mags

June 15 2017 at 9:00 AM

C. Jones  (Login limbshaker)

Response to Re: Self-powered mags.

I agree with Bill. I MUCH prefer the metal, one piece, no moving parts mags. I shot a friends Marauder for an afternoon and after the second mag reload I just went single shot. They are a pain to reload..

After owning an HW100, there is no going back. I'll never own a gun with a spring loaded mag again.

As far as complexity, it actually doesnt take many moving parts to make a gun that cycles the mag. My FX Cyclone and Ataman AP16 pistol have very small and simple mechanisms. The HW100 is more complex, but it also offers the convenience of not being able to be double loaded.

That's the biggest reason that I havent bought a RAW HM1000: those spring loaded mags. For guns that cost as much as a RAW and the FX stuff, a spring loaded mag is cheezy IMO.

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