Guys, I need a list of barrel makers who will make a 28-30" .25 one off run barrel blank

June 15 2017 at 3:55 PM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

in maybe 16-18mm diameter if possible. LW's smallest diameter is 0.470 and only 23.8" long. That won't do. I need at LEAST 28" & actually prefer a 30". As far as the diameter goes a little machining is all that will take.
The Guru isn't available right now so I'm asking here as I see some fella had quite a bit of custom blanks from Pac-Nor in Canada. I don't know if they'll do a one off or a minimum of 10-20 for a run. Then I need a group buy. I called HART in upstate NY and I'll see what they say.
So if anyone knows of custom air gun barrel makers, I'd love some phone numbers. I keep on hearing about TJ liners but I'm discerning that I need some sort of blank 28-30" so this liner has something to line.
Any info on this is greatly appreciated. I'm also interested in Bench made barrels if any in this length and caliber are available.
Contact at or call me at 570-977-1149

Just a warning. I put my number up here for ease of communication. Many are afraid to do so. If you ever get a call with anything prompting you to say "Yes," do NOT do so. Hang up immediately. They'll say, insert your name here, "can you hear me?" You say yes and they record it and use your voice to do things and open things you never asked or wanted. Thanks and be vigilant. Very few in this World are truly "Good People."

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