"Clock work" mags

June 15 2017 at 5:50 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to Self-powered mags.

Made my peace with the "clock work spring" mags. Once you adapt to a few things, can live with them.

(OK..aren't many clocks that need winding and go "tick tick" any more...but they ran on those sprial type springs, so I think of them as clock-springs.)

On most, there is no "empty" slot. Either there is a pellet lined up to be chambered or a matal stop...either way, can't put in an empty mag and close the action.

They are a PIA to strip and clean once you drop them in a mud puddle (or cow pie). The mechancail ones can be cleaned out in the field as it doesn't take any tools (a rag and a stick...shirt tail can supply the rag, nature the stick).

Mechanically indexted mags make the rifle itse;f more complicated. Need some kind of roatational hand and some type of mechaical "stop". and they have to stay in time. No way around it, it will add some "extra" feel to the bolt cycling.

All in all, not a whole lot to choose from...but so far, the "clock work mags" have all been thicker and used an open-top type reciever, so have all been much easier to make single shot trays for.

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