.22 Pildrivers (part 2 of at least 3)

June 15 2017 at 7:49 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

A little home-grown BC check at short range for the Piledrivers.

Life suxs with only one working Chronograph. I had two (guess what happened to the "far" one).

So you "work around" the problems and get ther most from what you got (in this case, one working chronograph and 25 yards of clear space to test fire in).

Distances measured as close as possible with a 100 foot steel tape (it's within 1/16 of an inch).

Distacnes measured to the MIDDLE OF THE CHRONOGRAPH (exactly 1/2 way between the screens).

Unregulated rifle, so shots only taken inside the prooved (by previous test) the best possible pressure range (the "sweetest of the sweet spot")....the plateau....the spot where varation between shots is the least over just 5 shots.

So fot first 5 "best of the best" shots were at exactly 1 yard from center of the chronograph:
1 yard distance:
30gr Piledrivers
Average = 660fps
Lowest vel. = 659fps
Highest vel. = 663fps

The moved the chronograph back to 24 yards to chronograph center, refill to the best-of-the-bst sweet spot, and fired another 5 shots.
24 yard distance:

Average = 637fps
Lowest vel. 634fps
Highest vel. = 639fps

Used this calculator:


Connecting the FASTEST 1 yard to thew LOWEST 24 yard vel. (not that they DID happen that way, but they COULD have...which is the curse of the one-chronograph-BC-calculation):

663 - 639fps = BC of .0643

Connecting the SLOWEST 1 yard vel to the FASTEST 24 yard vel. (again, the curse of one fucn tioning chronograph)

659 - 639fps = BC of .093

AVERAGING the 5 shots at 1 yard vs averaging the 5 shots at 24 yard:

660 - 637fps = BC of .081

While I was at it, did the same thing with 18.1gr. JSB's.

With this rifle, over just 24 yards of travel, the AVERAGE BC came out to be .037.

That seems a reasonbly VALIDATION of the test process...the 18.1's are pretty ding-dang close to the publihsed/predicted BC.s

I will give you that at closer ranges, the BC's are likely to be a bit LOWER than they are at farther distance. Either of them would likely gain some BC if measured from 24-54 yards.

But unless the pellet "goes stupid" and gets into that ballistic "death spriral" it should stay pretty proportional.

We'll talke about accuracy after I've done some compartive tests with a 1" target as reference.

Lets even it all out at 29 foot pounds (and sure I could manage that with the Beeman Chief test rifle with both pellet weights)>

So well will start the 18.1gr. JHSB (BC .037) at 850fps and the 30gr. Piledriver at 660fps.
Scope height at 1.5" over bore line.
Sight in at 25 yards and projected to 50 yards (pick a ballistic program)

18.1gr. JSB start at 850fps

Arrive at their 25 yard zero at 782fps / 24.6 foot pounds/ zero sight in
Arrive at 50 yards with 721fps / 20.9 fpe/ 2.06" of drop / 1.36' of windage (5mph 90degree wind)

30gr. Piledrivers at 660fps

Arrive at 25 yards with 636fps / 27 foort pounds/ zero sight in
Arrive at 50 yards with 613 fps / 25 foot pounds / -3.8" of drop / .75" of windage ( 5mph 90 degree wind)

SOOO..are the los speed/high BC pellets of any use?


Gravity is one of the constants in life. So if you know the range (or can range-find) whould be able to handle that reasonably will with a mil-dot scope with some preperation (and maybe a drop chart taped to the stock).

So for a 25 yard zero and a 50 yard shot, would give up nearly TWICE THE DROP....(for n about 40%)ain in windage (and energy).

Thats a BAD CHOICE for hunting at odd/ill defind ranges (at leat that this low speed0, but mioght be ueful/ at known ranges;

All of that it "moot" if theaccuracy isn't there, which is what I'll look into just as soon as I can get to 50yards of open range.

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