Thanks so much. I also thought that page was crazy and TJ was a myth, why?

June 16 2017 at 8:00 AM
JD  (Login JamesDingle777)

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Because everyone keeps talking about "liners" nothing about the barrel you need to put that liner in. I was beginning to think I was stuck with a LW 23.8 as that's the maximum that they advertise. I've read Pac-Nor in Canada makes air gun barrels, but I can't seem to call out of the Country, although I have an unlimited phone plan. Can't call Hill in U.K either. ARRGGGH, feeling like Charlie Brown every time Lucy pulls the football away!
Yes, I've decided I'm done with short. Don't get me wrong. The RS's 17" barrels are AMAZING; but a 28-30" would be capable of SO much more power or more shots it's not even funny. I'll be on a bi-pod or rested on sand bags and I'll keep my spring guns and Discoveries, Rainstorm One in .22 for woods hunting.
My goal is a 28-30" .25 whatever the expert recommends. Probably switch to a 4500psi carbon fiber bottle over the 3K 315cc tube. Already has a regulator and a tank of a Clague LDC. Most likely have to have a shroud extension, maybe a second barrel band, maybe barrel bushings. I just want a long range power tack driver. I'm going to add this all up and compare the .357 RAW to the new FX Crown to a modified Rainstorm II.

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