If you can find the metal rear sight for a Daisy 777

June 16 2017 at 12:02 PM
Jerry  (Login DanWesson)

Response to 747 sights

you will need to replace the front sight. The metal rear sight on a 777 is taller than the plastic version on the 717/747 models, thus, a taller front sight is required. I learned this after purchasing a used 777 where the point of impact was about 8" high at 10 meters. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why the pistol was shooting so high with the rear elevation set as low as possible. It was only after noticing a photo image on the internet I discovered the issue. That photo showed a 747 and a 777 side by side. The front sight on a 777 is taller.

JG Airguns may have some of these taller front sights in stock. That's who I contacted and he was able to hook me up with the proper front sight. You would need to specify the taller sight, however. When I was initially communicating with him he was unaware the 777 had a taller front sight than the 717/747 models. If you simply order the part from his website, you may end up with a 717/747 front sight.

Lastly, Mugs is correct about Steve Martens and his quality sights for the Daisy pistols. His sights are popular among air pistol silhouette shooters.

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