And the Plinkering Continues...20 cal Theoben Rapid MK2

June 16 2017 at 3:53 PM

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I picked up this used Rapid (one of the early few MK2’s with an Anschutz trigger & side mounted safety) despite warnings that most 20 cal Rapids strongly preferred the now discontinued 20 cal Crosman Premier pellet. With the demise of the 20 cal Premier, many owners sell their 20 cal Rapids once they finish their stash of beloved Premiers. They often just can’t find another pellet that’s as accurate out of their Rapids as the hard-lead, thick skirt, heavier for caliber 14.3gr 20 cal Premiers.

I shot the Rapid as received with H&N Barracuda (13.58gr) & H&N FTT (11.42gr) pellet. It was supposedly launching the Barracudas at 963 fps for 28 ft lbs.

My Rapid didn’t feel right to me, & it didn’t shoot right. It seemed too hi strung. It was surprisingly loud (louder than any of my other FAC airguns), hard to cock, & accuracy was depressing. 2.3”, 2.4”, & 2.5” 6-shot groups at 48 yards were the norm, & my best 6-shot groups were 1.5” with Barracudas & 2” with the FTTs. 12-shot groups were worse, to the point that I didn’t measure them.

At 25 yards I got 0.95” 12 shot groups with the heavier Barracudas. The lighter FTT’s grouped worse with crazy fliers.

For the heck of it, I tried hitting some corks I have set up at 55 - 60 yards 24 times, & missed 24 times (12 shots with each pellet). I could see the pellets fly by the corks, sometimes left, sometimes right, hi, low, everywhere but where they should have gone.

I checked the crown & transfer port, & both could use a little touching up, but no big deal. I have a rig that has Spikes sticking up at the transfer port that shoots rings around this Rapid!

While Plinkering (Plinking + Tinkering = Plinkering) I noticed my pellets were getting damaged in both magazines, so after working on my magazines I was now getting 12-shot groups about the size of my previous 6-shot groups. Better, but still not acceptable.

A little more Plinkering with my Hammer Springs (my Rapid has 2 Hammer Springs, one inside the other, plus a small inertia spring, in the hammer assembly) & OH, what a difference!

My Rapid is now easier to cock, quieter, & Much more accurate. I’m now sniping pellet holes at 25 yards with either pellet, & I got three 6-shot groups in a row under 1/2” at 48 yards - all I could do before dark, because I wanted to try my 55-60 yard corks as the light faded.

Remember, my Rapid couldn’t touch these corks in it’s previous state, not even with a 55-60 yard long pole. As it got dark, I quickly loaded up a 12 shot magazine & nailed a distant cork 9 out of 12 tries in the wind, after finding my POI, with a Duplex reticle, using the FTT’s (no more crazy fliers). The pellets that missed were so close they moved the cork as they whizzed by it. I was thrilled.

The following day I hit those 55-60 yard corks at will, & proceeded to literally shoot them to pieces quite easily. I need to get my kayak out to replace them.

And the Plinkering continues.... happy.gif

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