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June 16 2017 at 11:28 PM
Don  (Login Nvreloader)

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Does this sound reasonable for a normal OTB untuned QB-79, 22 cal running on 88 grm cyl, Co2?

I shot 2-10 shot strings today, getting used to the trigger etc,
which needs adjusting/tuning, not used to a 2 stage trigger. LOL

14.3 gr pellets Temp 85*
Shot over my Magnet V-3 chrono

H= 585 fps
L= 576
A= 579
SD =2.6

Shot over my Oehler 32 chrono
H= 585 fps
l = 568
A= 577
SD = 2.6

Group size was the end of a coke can, with iron sights, at 35 yds,
with approx 20mph quartering wind.

Holy snackbar!, the wind sure does drift these pellets,
used to 17 cal PB at 3800 fps+. :twisted:

I have about a 1/4 of can of pellets, approx 150+ shots,
on the 88 grm cylinder, seems to be within my expectations,
and this cyl still has gas.

I don't know about the accuracy, as the iron sights are blurry etc,
I have to get my scope mounted, waiting for some more rings to get here.
more info to come.


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