If if comes down to style (wadcutter) and weight... search...

June 17 2017 at 1:45 PM
Jeff D  (Login jcdx25)

Response to The difference between the 200s and the target 200T...

Mid 7's gr wads may be the avg but at 10m power levels (or close) a grain matters.

My dedicated 10m stuff (a Steyr pistol and an FWB rifle) like Meisterkugeln 8.2's the best. There are several other wads out there in the low-mid 8's. and the RWS Supermags (9.3gr) are as good as the JSB 10.3's in my higher power rifles (at 20y and less) but diff poi so only shoot them for offhand practice with those rifles, on a 10m target now...

I've had a CZ200 down to about 9.5fpe. Below that got erratic with shot to shot variances.
I purchased a replacement tube with quick fill and reg for the one I have now, it's at 10.5 fpe. I could have specified that the reg be set to any level. I've not been in to adjust it but might in a few weeks. I think I want another 25-50 FPS out of it.

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