Hey guys, looking for ways to remove a TKO from a recent purchased QB78.

June 17 2017 at 7:06 PM
Tim in California   (Login TimandDenise)

Mods, if this thread is in the wrong forum please move it to the correct one...

I got this rifle about a year ago, I shot it enough to tell that it is probably clipping..I don't think I could hit a paper plate at 50ft range.

I am not the best shot in the world but I am pretty sure it's not human error. .

I loosened the two grub screws(is that the correct term?) and it doesn't want to move at all. I am no 90 pound weakling but I am unable to twist any movement into at all.

I am assuming that the previous owner glued it onto the barrel.
When I look into the business end, with a light shining into the open bolt I can tell it's crooked. I do not see any evidence of damage to the TKO but something is wacky, it's throwing pellets everywhere. .

Is there a way to take the TKO apart? I would rather not destroy it, I just want it off.

I am wanting to make a shorter barreled QB78, but as a separate project, I don't really want to cut this barrel until I find out how it shoots.

I do have a heat gun, I can get it hot. Will doing that be detrimental to the TKO?..

Any suggestions on a course of action?

Thanks in advance for your time and troubles in helping me out. .

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