A basic tuned and scoped AZ Rapid use to cost

June 18 2017 at 10:22 AM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to Rapid .25

$2700.00 I paid $3764.00 for a majorly modified .25 that was still from The original Factory stamped made in England. I NEVER should have let them go and NO one will ever pay what I did even though they were basically mint condition.
A new RAW is the SAME company and rifle except it comes with a quick fill, shroud, and gauge. The 3 most common things everyone sent their Rapid to AZ for.
If you get a RAW, it comes with everything for around $1800.00 and you can't beat that. You may still want a good scope professionally mounted and a target turret to dial in an exact POI out to 135 yards dead center cross hairs. Then you still have at least 4 Mil-dots.
You can dope your own target turret but he makes a very nice delrin one with a stop on it for $90.00, full scope printout and cost is more.
If you want an older AZ Rapid from England, make sure you are buying from a good member here, not a scammer. You can call AZ and see if he has any older Made In England ones available. If not he definitely knows someone who's selling something good.

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