The ones I like vs. the ones I use (LGV vs. 1720T)

June 19 2017 at 9:51 AM

daveshoot  (Login daveshoot)

Response to As if This hasn't been asked before.

I like spring things and the Walther LGV is the very best of the bunch. It is heavy, but that's probably part of the package that makes it the most dead-on deadly springer I have owned or shot.

But the one that would leave a hole in my daily life, the one that is in my hands nearly every trip out the door, is the Crosman 1720T. It is a very useful gopher removal tool and gets daily sunlight, and is also effective on California ground squirrels within 25 yards. I would hasten to add that this is mainly because my .22 P-rod has a leak that "I have to get to" but both are perfect for the purpose. The carbine form factor makes this platform incredibly handy and portable. The 1720T shoots almost everything well; the P-rod is much fussier but with the right pellet is an even more deadly death ray.

I will add that in a true survival scenario, I might just need too much other stuff to even consider carrying an airgun, unless I want a steady diet of gophers.

Also, if we were talking about true love and mutual attraction, some classic springers (HW50, Diana 27, couple FWBs, and a short list of others) would be difficult or impossible to part with.

Fortunately I have categorically rejected your scenario and will keep nearly all of them.

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