Aggravation! Frozen scope mount screw.

June 19 2017 at 4:12 PM
Barry Haugen  (Login Mr.BPH)

I was planing on trying a new scope this afternoon on my Cricket. I have a set of Burris Signature rings on it right now. I popped off the main picatinny screw on one ring no problem. But the second one is giving me fits. I'm not in the habit of using thread locking compound on my scope threads. I started out trying to loosen the screw with my torque wrench, it wouldn't budge. Then I got out my 20 watt soldering iron and heated up the screw end for several minutes. Tried it again, nothing doing. So I heated it up again and then chucked up a T15 in my cordless drill and set the torque setting at 4, (and went up to 8)--put it in reverse and snapped off the T15 when I got to the 8 setting. Luckily, there was enough sticking out, so I could grab the broken end out with a pair of needle nose pliers. Then I switched my soldering iron to a 40 watt wood burning tool. When thru the same steps and snapped off another bit. It won't budge. The I got out the big guns: Propane torch with a micro head. Heated up the screw end. It got pretty darn hot. The rail was even pretty hot. Got out the cordless and snapped off my third hardened bit. I'm about ready to drill out the screw.

Is there anything else I could try??

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