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Osprey tales

July 13 2017 at 5:44 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to I love those rifles too

Could get the one pictured to shoot very well...not fast.

Are right, the old UK barrels did tend to be over size, but less so in .177 than in .22...or at least it's easier to find pellets in .177 that will fit the bore.

Trick for the absolute best accuracy was to find a tin of pellets that would fit into the tap easily but wouldn't drop all the way down the tap (which is slightly tapered). Would see them dropping nearly all the way down to about 1/3 the way down (which indicates they aren't exactly prefectly uniform in diameter). Push each to the end of the tap befor rotataing it closed.

What that seemed to do was "uniform them"...started off their shot-life at the same depth of seating and just about the same diameter.

For normal use, wouldn't bother with the above...just use was would shoot well 'nuff if not "ultimate".

Now I will mention the Osprey had that "piston ring" thing going on (not metal rings...a hard kind of syemnthetic material), and if you let them totally wear out, could beat the head of the piston against eht end of the cylinder.

HAs a kind of big "bumper" at the rear end (on the end cap). With time/age/use, that can harden up/crack/crumble and not act as a shock absorber.

And over a lot time shooting (bought it new in 1981-1982ish and sold it in 2007...but it was pretty much in storage for its last 6-7 years) I broke 3 main springs. Didn't weaken, all of them just eventually snapped off a rear section (3 to 6 coils).

Square stock fore end is not real friendly to the hand in off hand...and that barrel (at least on this one) is really really thick and heavy for an airgun (more like a varmint weight centerfire barrel).

Why was it ut away/stored for 6 -7 bit me...but I realize it's my fault. Stored it in a ragged soft case. Some of the unwraved strings wrapped aound parts of the rifle...and evidently defeated the anti-bear trap....I left my little finger in the wrong bear trapped. Last 1/2" of right "pinky" finger dangling by a 1/8" thread, but it kept circulation and they reattached it. Works, but kind of flexible and a bit numb.

And lastly, although you can't see it in the picture, I craked that stock by rolling an open Jeep over it in the lat 1980's (not WWII vintage...but likey pre-Vietnam vinatage doors, no windshield, no hood)...I jumped clear...rifle didn't. Fix was a good one, and you'd miss the repair unless you were looking for it.

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