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Sportsmatch rings

July 13 2017 at 8:11 PM
Mike N  (Login RangerMike)

Response to Steyr LG110 ft scope rings query

Tony sportsmatch all the way I just set up a styer challenger with a Sightron slll had the same problem. The sportsmatch rings are adjustable by a small Allen very handy. This is what I did (you will need two people , one to shoot and hold the rifle and one to adjust the rings.
1. Optically center your scope.
2. Set out target at a distance you want to center your scope at .
2. Shoot the rifle from a rest or bags at a dot on the target , aming point and pellet hole have to be visible.
3. After the shot, sight on the aming point again. once you are sighted on the aming point do not move gun! Hold the gun on the aming point while looking through the scope,
4. have your steady hand helper loosen elevation locking screw on both sets of rings just enough that they can adjust elevation on the rings using the supplied Allen key .
5. While holding the gun still, looking through the scope and cross hairs on the aming point have your helper adjust the elivation of the rings while you call out directions (did I mention do not move gun) until the crosshairs hairs are on the pellet hole.
6. Lock down rings and fire another pellet at aiming point if you hit your aiming point you are centered. Repeat if nesscary.
I am no expert but this worked for me.

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