Pertnent info on FX Crown and any gun with externally adjustable regulator

July 14 2017 at 5:54 AM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

I'm very glad I read this info on The Crown. I had visions of perfectly adjusting the rifle to any given pellet.

It clearly states: Do not alter regulator while gun is pressurized. Doing so can cause damage to regulator. OK, fine. How many of us would open it, fill it, start playing, shooting over chronograph right away. Many I concur.

I'm ASSUMING any external regulator should not be adjusted while pressurized. I also learned to NEVER bottom one out all the way tight at all as THAT will surely ruin something.

The entire adjustability is phenomenal. Reading this now, I know. Go by the factory settings and buy a Chronograph. A 1/4 turn can be a big enough change for what you're after.

Most all guns have to be depressurized to alter the regulator. If you don't have a reg tester, all you can do is fill it up and shoot it over chronograph to see if you adjusted too much, too little, or just right.

Just a heads up because I know there are tons of us pre buying these. I'll be waiting for reviews and then just bite the bullet and buy a custom lefty stocked version, right sided lever.

I may also still just get a BOSS, or a RAW .357 but either way. Now I know why a regulator testor is so important.

I also need to buy a full metric O-ring kit and a full standard.

Good luck!

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