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Bedliner Sprays Are Not All Created Equal

July 14 2017 at 6:58 PM
Jim in West Palm Beach  (Login PalmBeachSniper333)

Response to Need Bedliner Stock Finishing Tips

I have been using Rustoleum bedliner rattle cans for years, on truck bumpers and on rifle stocks.

I rough it up with 80, 100, 120 grit, I then apply two light primer coats, using the rougher
steel wool between coats, and then I use Rustoleum, but I use the trigger adapter and hold it
upside-down and spray several very light coats. I let the coats dry a bit, so that the liner
doesn't run.

Do be sure to use a decent masking tape, one that adheres to curves well, and plan to spend a fair
amount of the project time ensuring that the masking tape is cut and applied exactly where you
don't want anything to get. Fill large voids with crumbled newspapers or aluminum foil and
use that to support the masking tape in odd areas of the stock.

I have used rough textured/pebble coats, like the rough sprays that you can spray on lamps and
other items to give them a rough, course texture, and then bed-lined over that.
The effect is decent, and once even matched a McMillan A3 stock grip texture.

Try doing this to a 2x4 to practice. If it works, you will be better on your gun and you will have
the nicest 2x4 on your block.

Good luck.

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