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Night Vision experiences over the years...

July 14 2017 at 9:49 PM
H.E. Potter  (Login Hepotter)

Response to Budget Night Vision Comparison

I'm 74. Over the years, as I grew older and noted my night vision was fading, I tried a number of night vision devices.

The Gen I infra-red scopes were only as good as the illumination you provided. Still, even with supplemental lighting, the image was "grainy" and not easy to stare at for prolonged periods of time. I sold each Gen I that I tried and gave up. Then the new digital age dawned and I watched as the price range dropped from $2,000 for the high end scopes, until it got into the $500+ range that I could justify paying. I tried a couple of them and eventually sold them. The optics were SO marginal compared to a glass day scope.

The Brits have a good time shooting rats in their barns. Lots of videos, fun to watch, would be fun to do. All I can say is there must be a ton of rats in England...they never seem to run out.

If you have an identified pest guy owned some "low end apartments" and he would go to the second story roof and shoot rats by the dozen that were located on/in the trash cans in the alley behind his apartments, then it might be worth the cost. Pigeons that roost in specific areas would be another good shooting ground. I used to go to the local railway storage sheds, abandoned, and found dozens of pigeons roosting there. This was in the '70's and all I had was a single shot HW55 and a flashlight. Still, we could get a couple before the rest took off into the night.

Some of my friends out West have nocturnal critters that come and do damage. To me that would warrant the investment and putting up with the marginal image quality involved, especially with old eyes.

With no, or very limited targets, nothing is more boring than staring into an expensive, battery sucking device, only to see bushes, leaves and trees for hours on end.

Here's the summation of my personal experience...don't buy one unless you have an identified nocturnal target rich environment in which to shoot. It's too much money, too little use, to simply store in your closet most of the time. other thing...using a night vision scope, with aux. batteries and extra lights, was akin to attaching a brick to the top of your rifle.

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