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DAQ .58 caliber pistol

July 14 2017 at 10:00 PM
Charlie in CT  (Login ar6man)

Finally got a little bit of range time with it today... One word... Wow! This thing is a cannon!! I used .570 round balls and was stacking one on top of the other at 50 ft off the bench, the limit of our indoor club range. Couldn't chronograph it, but I highly suspect it's shooting in the 550 - 600 ft/sec area.... One lesson I learned right off was that I have to be careful how I hold it. I hold these long pistols by resting them on my elevated elbow of my left arm while resting my left hand on the forearm of my right forearm. My right hand grips the pistol behind the sharp corner of my left arm elbow. I've used this hold 1000's of times with my DAQ 9mm, DAQ 25 caliber, and Barnes Heritage .32 pistol. It makes for rifle-like accuracy once mastered... Today? The huge recoil of the .58 caused the gun to hit me in the face! lol It felt like a 'rabbit punch'... Needless to say, I had to tweak my position a little bit to compensate for the fairly stout recoil. For my other big bore pistols, I've tuned down the 9mm somewhat and fire the JSB .35's out of it with really great accuracy. I get about 5 shots with a starting pressure of only 1800psi. The shot string averages around 650 ft/sec. The .58 with a 3000psi charge uses a full 1000psi for two shots. It takes about 45 pumps with my hill pump to charge it back up. It uses a LOT of air! It ought to being that each of the two shots is knocking on the door of 200fpe if not exceeding it... I had to supply my own grip frame as Dennis is selling them without the Crosman 2240 grip frame. I went with one from some dude on ebay:

It's the best two stage trigger modification to the 2240 grip frame that I've used to date! Makes for a well defined 1st and 2nd stage with a crisp and repeatable 2nd stage let-off. All in all, if you're looking for a PCP hand cannon... Look no further! I think Dennis still has some available...

Next I'll need to get a setup going to cast my own .575 round ball ammo... lol


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