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July 16 2017 at 8:00 AM
MDriskill  (Login MDriskill)

Response to Some one took care of that look at the nice condition, what does she weigh ?

Mike, a regular Mk 3 sporter model weighs a little over 7 pounds. The heavier barrel and tricky sights on the Supertarget add about 3/4 of a pound. Many references claim the Supertarget is two pounds heavier than a sporter (I.e., around 9 pounds), but that is not true. The weight, excellent balance, and slender rounded stock make it a very pleasant piece for all-round shooting.

There's a story behind the gun's fine condition--it was actually a sample piece sent by Webley's to Harrington & Richardson here in the US, to gauge H&R's interest in importing the Mk 3 for US sale. It was never sold at retail. H&R eventually disposed of it to surplus dealer Navy Arms, and I picked it up at an airgun show from the gent who'd bought it from them. I still have the H&R box that it came in, and the original Webley sticker that was on the action.

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