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About 1980 or a little before

July 16 2017 at 8:15 AM
MDriskill  (Login MDriskill)

Response to FWB 65 MK II Question

I believe the second spring was one of the modifications that appeared on the 65 at the time the model 80 was released. The grip tang was lengthened and the sights changed then, as well.

The second spring is a very light one, that actually fits inside the main spring (they don't go end-to-end as in the FWB 300S rifles). I think it was intended more to reduce vibration, there is no way it can add much power. I believe I'm correct in saying, it's no longer available as a spare part, and is often deleted in modern rebuilds.

The "Mark" numbers were purely marketing inventions by Beeman, they did not come from the Feinwerkbau factory. Beeman originally called the improved post-model 80, long-barrelled 65 the "Mk 1," and the short-barreled version the "Mk 2." But near the end of the 65's production run, FWB discontinued the short the long version got "promoted" to "Mk 2" in the Beeman catalog!

Although US shooter Don Nygord famously used a 65 shorty to set a world record, he did not invent the gun or have it custom made as the Beeman catalog claimed. FWB offered short-barrel "Junior" versions of the 65 from the earliest days of its production.

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