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One of the popular 'debates'/questions when I was getting my first springer

July 16 2017 at 3:27 PM
Jeff D  (Login jcdx25)

Response to TX200hc buyers regret?

After a few years of just CO2, was the 200 vs the 97. I ended up with the 97 cause I liked the way it looks, the reviews/opinions were just as personal as my decision so there was little else for me to go on.

The 97 was .22. I shot it a lot just never really got results I was happy with. I have learned that this was probably my own fault because I wanted the shot it the way I was used to with my co2 rifle (and previously with .22 rim fires). Obviously I failed. I moved to my first PCP. I was addicted.

Not to long after that (the 97 vs 200 discussions were still common) I decided to try a 200. Ended up with a used HC in .177. That rifle was a lot of fun but I never (seriously) brag about my success with it for the same reason I mention above. I think the stock platform is/was better suited for a .22 but I will say though.... If I acquired another springer, it would be a 97. Don't know that I would ever get good with it, just liked it better in retrospect...

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