"Repeater" is a misnomer.

July 17 2017 at 10:28 AM

KW  (Login CuomoSux)

Response to HW 44 pistol----was over on the Weihrauch site and noticed

That HW 44 is a bolt-action pistol. Not a repeater. It requires a second hand to cock the hammer, index the magazine, and load each round.

As such, the SW 78 and 79 series are as fast and as accurate.
[linked image]

The Benjamin MRod pistol is all that at half the cost of the HW.
[linked image]

HW 44 looks OK, but at that price would rather it had a true repeater action like the millions of CO2-based 1911 clones out there shooting 6mm plastic or .177BBs.
[linked image]

Heck, the Crosman 600 design in .22 is nearly 60 years old...
[linked image]

and the actual repeater pistol was designed in 1892 by a German company.
[linked image]

Its not like HW does not have a long history of innovation from which to draw for a true repeater.

You cannot shortcut relevancy. HW needs to get back in the game from the top.

"If you don't advance design, all you do is muddy the water." KW-2017

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