Puncher Breaker .22.

August 5 2017 at 7:26 PM
MikefromMidland  (Select Login MScottLeeman)

Well,call me what You will...But I just took delivery of a PB. I've liked the look,watched/read reviews,read about the potential problems and hit the order button. First impression was not that bad,I wasn't expecting an FX or Air Arms for approximately 500.00. The trigger (to Me) sucked,so I went to work on it doing some adjustments and light buffing of components. MUCH better! Cleaned up the bore with some tight patches and JB Bore paste (no brass brush) followed up with some Ballistol until the patches were clean. I also LIGHTLY cleaned up the exterior of the action with some Wizards metal polish. This gave the dull blued components an awesome sheen! Then,after a couple days,I judiciously adjusted the hammer spring. As of now,I'm getting 31.4 ft lbs with JSB 18.1 Exacts. (883 fps) which is fine with me being I'm getting at Least 40 shots and still Well within the green on the gauge...which measures the same pressure as my Hill pump.

was told by the sales rep. that one of the reasons for the long wait (out of stock) was the manufacturer was addressing the reliability issues. Well,the cocking handle looks pretty much identical,not sure about the valve stem, although it doesn't appear to be showing any signs of wear/mushrooming,ect. If something breaks (pun intended) I'll be contacting Troy Hammer. For now,I'm gettin 3/8" 12 shot groups at 25 yds, enjoying Great shot counts and lovin life! Again,if something goes down the tube,I'll fix it with "More Stronger" parts. I'll keep you all posted as the story unfolds! Your Humble Correspondent, Mike.

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