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August 7 2017 at 6:02 PM
gubb33ps  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to CZ Slavia 634 red or blue on Ebay for under $115.00 with

UGLY, but amazing gun. Have never had a springer do as well as this cheapie (and that INCLUDES some very expensive springers).'s slow (likely something in the 7-9 foot pound range), the trigger is super simple and only needs a little tweaking.

OK...the stock is butt-ugly.

Mask off the butt plate (which is too soft/flexible to take paint), de-grease it, roughen it up with a little steel wool, degrease it again, and paint it with plastic-friendly paint an it can be whatever color you care for.

I picked battleship gray (or CSA depending on where you live).

Started as this ugly SOB:

photo 81291ca5-557f-40ae-85a4-907a354311b4.jpg

Painted (as noted above) as this: (and this is after a 18months without touch-up):

photo DSCN12741.jpg

Best effort EVER with ANY springer for 20 consecutive shots (but I practiced a whole lot, excluding any other type of airgun):

photo cbbd199d-a9e5-4f81-8709-85295dd3aada.jpg

Common effort at the same range/pellets after NOT SHOOTING springer for months (which still ain't bad):

photo c991fe6d-b994-4d05-a919-0b6c9068a1d6.jpg

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