Good Day With My Springers ... Still, I've Decided to Go PCP in the Near Future

August 8 2017 at 10:48 PM

Alejandro O. Martinez  (Login aom22)

Finally, had a good day with my springers ... downed four Eurasian dove.
Albeit, the range of each shot was under 30-yards.
Two were instant kills.
One was a sightly low hit that caused a delay in demise - but less than a minute.
And, another was a fly-away for about 20-yard before the bird folded and dropped dead.

By-the-way, all of the kills are not being wasted.
The neighbor across the alley vacated sometime ago ... leaving three-kittens and their mama behind.
So, these hungery mouths consumed the dove - with great gusto I might add.

However, the Eurasian dove are learning ... they're getting a clue about what the safe stand-off range is.
And, it has been getting harder and harder to make sure the kittens and mama eat-well each day.
As such, I'm beginning to think ... I may need to buy a quiet PCP in the very-near future to extend my effective kill
distance while being more stealthy.
Otherwise, I'm gonna have to be paying out-of-pocket to keep the left-behind cats feed.

To this end, I've been thinking about buying one of the AirForce V5 Cometa Lynx 290cc tank that is on clearance.
Moreover, I'd been telling myself for the longest time, I"d purchase a Benjamin Marauder when a regulated version
became available - looks like that might-be happening in the near future.
Or, Benjamin Brod Marauder conversion with a smaller bottle so I can use a Hill/Venturi 4.5K psi pump.

Might mention, I recently purchased a HPA hand-pump for another purpose - more later, on this recent development.

However, I'm not gonna sell my springers .... at leasrt not all of them.
The last time I sold/traded/gave-away any of my airguns or firearms, I ... eventually ... regretted doing so.
Not gonna go through that - again.

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