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August 9 2017 at 8:05 AM
Josh3rd  (Login josh3rd)

Response to T06 adjustment

that it's not my prosport. I mean I know that it's not my prosport but it's *** like wearing a certain pair of clothes that fit just right or working with tool that fits you just right or Leslie like driving a car that you have been driving for a while and then getting into a truck or another car for that matter. It is just the point of getting use to another thing. That is one problem I had since I couldn't remember and that problem is not leaving well enough alone and or if it's not broke don't fix it because the rifle shoots like a dream and I have yet to even put a scope on it. The tuner did an amazing job the rifle which is an rws54 in 22 cal this putting out 21 to 22 foot pounds of energy and even though it has the airtime recoil sled or whatever you want to label it as you still don't hear barely anything except for the noise of the pellet exiting but as in the vibration and all that and that so-called Twang and stuff even though that recoil sleds take that away from the shooter if you just leave it in a gun vise and still pull the trigger in a safe Direction with a safe backstop you don't feel too much from her. But as I've mentioned earlier I just have to get used to it it's like driving a new car. But I know me and I will probably still try this shortened the length of the first stage pull. LOL!

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