TX200 Mark III fixed

August 9 2017 at 8:17 AM
Karl  (Login KarlH60)


First, thanks to all that have corresponded and for your suggestions. To recap the history of the gun:

1) It was purchased new in April 2014. Within the first 300 pellets through it, the rifle broke reticles in two scopes. One was a Hawke and the second a Leapers.

2) Shortly after installing a third scope, the piston seal failed. The gun was sent back for warranty repair and the seal replaced.

3) The gun continued to shoot just as inaccurately as it had when I got it back from being repaired as it had since it was first taken out of the box. I tried 20 different pellets, but could never get better that a five shot 3/4" to 1" group at 25 yards.

4) Beyond a doubt, it was the most hold sensitive spring gun I own or have ever owned.

I put the gun back in the safe for two years and took it out this summer to try again. No change in performance. It was just a "full choke" spring rifle. Also, the replacement seal was failing after about 150 shots and was making a "cork out of a wine bottle" sound when I was cocking it.

After the suggestions made in response to my last two posts, I ordered a Vortek tune kit and installed it last weekend. I found nothing loose, bent, scarred, etc. when I had the rifle apart. Other than the piston seal, everything looked absolutely normal. I cleaned everything up, installed the Vortek seal and spring kit, lubed all per instructions, re-torqued the four stock screws and shot it.

There was an immediate change in the gun. No twang, much gentler recoil, and most of all, the accuracy. It is a different rifle, and now I am experimenting with front rests and pellets. With a bag about 2 to 3 inches in front of the trigger guard and a very light hold on the grip, I can actually get decent groups out of it. Using an artillery hold, I see no change in POI.

Now that it groups, it is obvious that it needs larger head size pellets. It likes Crosman HP's, and 5.54 mm head H&N FTT 14.66 grain. JSB 5.52 head 15.89 grain also seem to do well. If it ever quits raining down here, I'll shoot it some more.

Thanks again for all of your help.

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