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What I'd Like to Have ... NOW

August 9 2017 at 11:05 AM

A.O. Martinez  (Login aom22)

Response to Good idea. I also made same mistake of selling to try

Regardless of what PCP I decide to purchase initially.
The top priority in any PCP will be stealth - aka: quiet.

My springers are not particularly quiet.
But, they're not loud either - unless they're dieseling. LOL
Not funny when a dieseling incident breaks a spring.
As what recently happened to me - quite a surprise.

Anyway, I looked at the Discovery Maximus Euro because of the threaded barrel.
Nearly the same OAL as the Maruader and is a single-shot and unmoderated.

And, I've been reading some of the reviews.
Looks like the Marauder may display superior accuracy at 50-yds.

Moreover, the Unmarex Gantlet has caught my eye: repeater, shrouded-barrel, regulated, 3K psi 13-ci tank
capable of hand-pumping, seemingly good accuracy at very reasonable price - what's not to like.
At 2min 50sec ... "1/2 inch group at 50-yds" very, very impressive.

Lots of good choices.
But, a Marauder has a lot going for it.
In-particular, lots of aftermarket support ready to improve the OEM performance.
But, the only significant non-OEM part I'll be looking at is a Lothar Walther barrel.

To this end, a Lothar Walther barrel is what the AirForce Cometa V5 Lynx might be lacking - along with a major trigger tune.
Otherwise, the Lynx seems perfect to me.

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