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August 10 2017 at 12:45 PM
Martin  (Login Mr9ball)

Response to TX200 Mark III fixed

My 22 TX MK5 is Vortek kitted also. You will definitely notice a reduction in power compared to factory due to the 28 coil springs. The benefit is outstanding though. It is SWEET! The 14.3 CP Premier Domed Ultra Magnums have, and still amaze me. I have a big stock of them now, and they will not collect dust.

You can somewhat inspect breech seals with an open chamber and the right viewing angle, using a small handhelt light. If they look nicely rounded like new ones, your fine. I would still replace at least the top one if my TX was stored for 2 years with the breech seals compressed.

You are still breaking in the new kit so there will be settling, some diesling and lubes to clear. Hone in your hold sensitivity...these guns CAN make more daylight from the last hole hole you made with the right pellet and execution off of a bench rest.

Do try those same domed pellets if you haven't. I have used then for years.

BTW, these domes are 5.5mm head size. Very snug fit.

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