I Think I'm Mostly Out of Suggestions

August 10 2017 at 2:05 PM
Ed Krzynowek  (Login ekmeister1)

Response to Longer screws didn't work

I would tell you to reassemble the trigger with the original set-up on the blade, but based on what I saw in your photo, the large screws you installed will now make that impossible. As far as which way the bevel(s) face(s), like I said, I've seen the plates installed in more than one direction and the trigger still worked and the rifle still fired.

There is a way to take the trigger blade totally out of the equation, and I sort of described it already.

Again, use all due caution here!!

OK. You can remove the blade and trigger return spring from the trigger housing by removing the trigger blade pivot pin--I know you know that much. Then, cock the rifle. Turn it upside down so you can see the bottom of the trigger assembly. Find something that will reach down onto the rocker sear, and push on the place where the trigger screws usually push. As the rocker pivots past a certain point, the rifle should fire. If it won't fire when you do that, the problem is obviously not anything to do with the blade or screws.

I can't comment directly on the Umarex model you have because I never worked on one. I thought we were talking about a good ol' Diana rifle. Maybe there's something different about the Surge. Sorry about that.

Oh, wait, I thought of something. The bushing that fits inside the front of the trigger housing should be tapped as far back as it will go into the housing. (Do you see a bushing there or have they eliminated it?)
If it's sticking out too far, I'm not sure if it could cause a binding problem or not. Maybe.

Again, my apologies for any oversight as I really hoped you'd have it working by now. Wish I was there to help. I know I'm not getting paid, but when possible "Will work for smiles" or whatever.

Safe and Happy Shooting!

Ed Krzynowek, The Airgun Tune-Meister

"We can rebuild the squirrel. Make him stronger, faster...We have the technology"---Skyler M.

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