Brocock Compatto "slingshot" hammer and power adjuster

August 10 2017 at 5:18 PM
Tyler Emmett  (Login tyler6520)

Hey guys, long time follower, first time poster today. I have a question for anyone with knowledge about the Brocock Compatto line. I just bought a .177 cal version and the website stated that it has the slingshot system in it. I am not seeing the power curve that I think I should. I shot a string across the chrony last night using JSB 8.4 grain and it started at 906 fps and ended at 853 fps with 50 shots going almost linearly down. It was from a 220 bar fill on the high power setting. I filled it back up to 220 bar and turned it to "low" power. I shot 10 shots and it started at 820 fps and it went to 815 fps. I would think that there should be more than 80 fps difference between having high and low power.
I have read a few posts from when they first came out stating similar findings. A look on the Straight Shooters "our take" page and it shows that a .177 with 8.4 grain should be around 900 for 40 shots on high power and around 650 for low power. Do you suppose I got a model that sat around on the shelf from the first run that didn't have the slingshot in them? Also the power adjustment knob seems to be catching between medium and low power. Almost like a full positive click between high and medium, but then kinda a half movement without such a positive click. I don't know if any of that makes sense.
Any advice or links to information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great day!

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