Great shooting

August 12 2017 at 1:47 AM
James Holmes  (Login AAS410)

Response to 50 bull target, 100+ shots with my .177 HW95 over two days.

Like to see posts that show many shots like this. I think I will practice bucket and sticks tomorrow with a couple of my guns. I love the Primos Trigger sticks that my wife bought me. I used to have to sneak close to a tree when hunting bushy tails and would spook some off in the process. Could never shoot well off handed. With the trigger sticks when a squirrel barks at me or I see one I do not have to take another step and take a chance scaring them off. I have shot squirrels up to lasered 90 yards standing using the trigger sticks and 16x scope.I used chairgun so I knew the yardage of each mill dot. Also carry a range finder with me. Mostly keep it within 60 yards however. I was using a .30 PCP that shot many 1/4" 50 yard 5 shot groups from bench under best of conditions. That PCP almost always shot 1/2" or better 5 shot groups from bench at 50 yards when the conditions were great.

I wish I could shoot a springer as good as you off the sticks. Think I will try my 12 ft/lb Air Arms TX200 tomorrow off the sticks. It is detuned by Paul Watts with the o ring piston mod by Casey. Hopefully it will not be hold sensitive off the sticks. I hope I can shoot close to as good as you do with a springer some day. If I can get my back against something the trigger sticks are even more stable.

Would you care to post the blank targets here so I can copy and print out to try?

Also like your posts letting people know about the Crosman Premier pellets and what you do to get the best accuracy out of these pellets. I purchased several brown box .177 and .22 Premier pellets before they quit boxing them due to your posts. I am glad I did.

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