If I remember correctly there is several factors that proven successful

August 12 2017 at 3:27 AM

Mike Ellingsworth  (Login 4888blues)

Response to 50 bull target, 100+ shots with my .177 HW95 over two days.

with your shooting good groups with a maintained zero.

the white Krytox lube over the old oiled lube or molly proved to be less prone to having the P O I shifting in temperature swings.

Bit of a de tune on the typical power of the R-9 / I venture to say the spring you use has by now proven to work out best for you.

Barrel maintained, another words cleaned in the Intervals you have deemed ready to be cleaned again. lol when the groups wonder

Barrel forks tighten to your specific tension that you go with.

gees the list could go on and on, thees are some of the ones I think I remember from your past post.

rite down to the scope mounting and pellet sizing, cleaning, and light lubing

not to mention your O ring piston cap with the delrin wiper if we can call it that (wiper)

the big ticket also is the time and prep by shooting the 100 bulls including reducing the bulls down to 1/4" size from 3/8

Your amazing dedication over the years and persistence to achieve a great shoot in my book is second to none.

I guess we all find are thing in airguns I like the plinking and tuning the different guns I get into and the projects that may come to mind, I'll shoot for groups if I am in the mood too. heck two days out of the week doesn't leave much
but thats what I have. any way I enjoyed your post since I first stumbled across them and learned from them, neat ideals neat finding etc.. yep absolutely.

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