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Response to That type of "Red Dot" is referred to as a "Reflex" sight. Burris, Vortex and...

Think they got started before my time (something like 1946-1948), but were pretty much a mini-heads-up WWII fighter display. Basically a projected aim point on a two-way mirror front (but rather than a P-51 wind screen, was a little circle of glass).

Anyway, with an old hunting buddy of my father with me, was urged to give one a try when one was found (new in the box) at a local gun show in the early 1970's.

DARNED if that thing didn't work..and in retrospect, other than being kind of coarse, work as well as today's reflex sights (after all, they pretty well work on the same system).

BUT...that system, as today's systems, work in a two-way mirror. Can see out, but enough reflection to still see the projected dot. Do the aiming eye is working with much less light than clear glass.

Do the only advice I can give is to keep both eyes open (so long as you aiming eye is the dominant eye)...it's almost 3MOA dot scope-precision in good light, a good bit less precise in bad light, but it can be fast.

Got hooked,,,tried one of the first Aimpoints (big-arse Swedish made sights), and really liked them for big guns (mostly PB shooters in large calibers) on moving game (which is what I mostly experience).

There were occluded sights...you couldn't see though the tube, was just a dot in a blank space, which pretty much forced both eyes to stay open. Some were fiber optic (Weaver QuickPoint), some wither tritium. They also worked, but really big dots, an really were for just fast, not precision.

Then, in recent years, tried the various "hologram" type sights. Didn't find enough difference to make me pull-up stakes and move.

Not that I don't like red dots...reflex or other wise...just that they are NOT the answer to every question. Are a damned good answer to fast.good 'nuff...not such a great answer to precision/perfect hold.

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