What a really nice rite up, I dont have that gift LOL /welcome back

August 12 2017 at 12:48 PM

Mike Ellingsworth  (Login 4888blues)

Response to Just Thinking Out Loud--May Start Doing Some Springer Tuning Again

I been turning down work as it comes in off of my you tube channel, often a guy will want a re barrel on there cheap gun or hatsan magnum so I refer them to a good friend of mine.
mean while I still work 5 days a week at my plumbing trade and that only leaves week ends to get back to what ever project I been into for me.

I planned on retiring and going into air gun work which did include the P I A hatsan rifles and of course the nice guns we all come to love in the springer line, then one day the light bulb went on.

I decided when I retire, I will retire from working for people and work for my self as a plumber taking on the easy work I want to handle.

Sure I have a passion for airguns and helping air gunners with there needs and giving some honest advice.
But the truth is, it is a lot of time for a little income on "all levels", So it may as well be on something that is able to make it worth it. That is the plan, I just hope I can make it cause thees 60 yr old bones have seen better days LOL

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