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August 12 2017 at 9:57 PM

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Response to Great shooting

"Would you care to post the blank targets here"
I created targets using CAD software and some of them are available "for free" on the Tar Heel Airgun Club web site under "targets".......
I created them to fit the standard 8 1/2" x 11" letter format.

"what you do to get the best accuracy out of these pellets"
Actually, for my .177 HW95 with the tighter leads and my .177 R9 which has a looser leade shoot "unmollested large head" CPL straight from the box accurately. The problem with the HW95 and unsized CPL was the fact that loading them in the leade was a "sore finger proposition" after a shooting session. Also, if I wasn't careful when pressing the CPL into the tight HW95 leade this could happen if the pellet wasn't seated properly........
[img][linked image][/img]
I found that I could make a pellet head sizer that would size a standard 4.54mm CPL head to a 4.48mm (or 4.50mm) head which eased pellet loading considerably. Recently I bought another .177 HW95 barrel from the SSSO Weihrauch parts inventory sell-off and found that it also had a tight leade like my .177 HW95. I replaced the "looser leade" .177 R9 barrel with the new HW95 barrel from SSSO so the same sized pellet head loads properly in both guns.

I really haven't noticed that a sized pellet is any more accurate from my HW95 if seated at the proper depth in the leade, however the sized CPL pellet head does mave loading an easier task.
[img][linked image][/img]

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