Yep.......your comments are true, however, IMHO.........

August 12 2017 at 10:13 PM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

Response to If I remember correctly there is several factors that proven successful

while my mods do make my break barrels more consistent under varying atmospheric conditions, I also found that as long as the shooting session has a rather consistent temperature the standard HW95 with newer design thick edged piston seal and "dinosaur oil based lubes" are also consistent after a few more warm up shots that what is required with Krytox and an oring sealed piston cap.

A perfect example is the THAGC field target match I shot today. All but about a half hour of the match was shot in direct sun on a day with about a 98 degree heat index and my HW95 got really hot simply setting in the sun or in the gun case between my "moments in the shooting box". I did mis some targets due to the wind, some goofy trigger work, missing 6 out of 8 offhand/kneeling shots because I stink when I'm the only gun support, however I did feel that the gun was shooting consistently from the cooler temps at 9:00am to the hotter temps at about 12:30pm when the match ended and the misses were simply "shooter induced".

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