My airgun shooting is based on "squirrel sniping" and unless........

September 7 2017 at 10:02 AM

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a support can be carried through the woods on a hunt or on the field target lanes it's not very useful for testing purposes. What good does it do to shoot tight groups "from a block of concrete" (or whatever) yet still inaccurate for "normal" shooting? Since I don't want to be bothered with the hassles or expense of buyin'/pumpin' air, countin' shots, a "life support system" on a cart (or in the garage) required by the "pump up guns" my preferred option is a self contained springer. There is a need for a well tuned springer and lot of practice to shoot my HW "bouncin' springers" accurately.

Anywhoo.....decades ago my brother tested the accuracy of his .177 R9 using a shot bags and found he was shooting patterns at 30 yards instead of groups. Then he supported the gun on his shoulder and placed an open palm between the stock forearm and shot bag and shot really tight groups. Here are a couple 3 shot 50 yard groups he shot from the bench (both at the same sitting) with gun rested on shoulder and lightly placed on his left palm which was supported by the shot bag......

I do almost all my shooting from "bucket and sticks" because that's how I set up my gun/scope, "still hunt" squirrels, shoot hunter class field target matches and general plinking. In the woods if stalkin' instead of restin' I make sure that the gun is supported on the shoulder and stock forearm in the exact same position as when the gun was set up with "bucket and sticks". When stalking squirrels (a lot of fun by the way) I try to keep all shots within my 30 yard zero distance and only stretch the distance to about 40 yards under perfect field conditions. Anywhoo......using "bucket and sticks" I occasionally shoot some pretty good "dumb luck" groups on my outdoor practice lane......

[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]

My choice is simply to use a gun supporting method that can also be used in the woods so a lot of practice is done to hone a consistent shooting form and shooting some 50 or 100 bull targets at one sitting is good practice.
Concerning the "first shot being on", I do admit that I always take a couple shots before starting a squirrel hunt to settle things in, however I recently shot this target from "bucket and sticks" two days apart without any warmup shots the second day and here is the result.........
Certainly "minute of squirrel head" accuracy out to 30 yards or so since I was shooting 1/4" diameter bulls.

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