FX Streamline Impressions

September 8 2017 at 8:50 AM

Steve LaPlace  (Login sjl6628)

Response to FX Streamline ( .22 )

I have one in .25 caliber and I'm a lefty too. I've resisted buying FX rifles in the past because I always felt they were leak prone and overly complicated designs to self service. The Streamline in the laminated stock appealed to me as offering excellent bang for the buck. Mine is laser accurate and I've had no problems with it. It's extremely light weight and full featured. The only two things I'd change is the fact that the magazines are more of a PITA to load than they could be. I don't like having to load the first pellet from the front under tension inserted skirt first. The magazines are made of plastic and are similar in quality to Marauder magazines. Spare magazines should sell for 1/3 the price given the flimsy plastic design. It takes twice as long to load an FX magazine compared to a Daystate magazine in comparison. The only other minor concern for me is that the barrel shroud and air cylinder are not polished to as high a standard as they should be before being anodized. Daystates, Air Arms, BSA, and other higher end brands do a better job of finishing their metalwork to a higher degree. You can see spiral swirlmarks in the barrel and air tube if you look at them in sunlight. It detracts from the looks of an otherwise excellent air rifle. Get one and you'll like it.

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